Atlas Systems provides custom designed bulk material storage and retrieval systems. Since 1959, systems have been produced that handle a variety of materials for both fuel feed and process feed applications. The systems work well with wood waste (hogged bark, sawdust and shavings), wood chips and shredded municipal refuse. Storage volumes have been as small as 300 cubic feet and as large as 664,000 cubic feet and material retrieval rates have ranged between 60 and 12,000 cubic feet per hour.

The Atlas System is a live bottom retrieval system consisting of a storage unit (a closed bin or an open circular pile), a sweep conveyor, and one or more outfeed conveyors. When supplied with variable speed drives, the material can be retrieved at a uniform and controlled rate.

The unique component of the Atlas System is the sweep conveyor, which does not stay under the material but rather retrieves from the periphery. A powered ring rotates about the material perimeter. The leading end of each of four chains of segmented sweep buckets is attached to the inside of the ring at quarter points while the trailing end is unrestrained. Natural dynamic forces cause the trailing sweep buckets to move inward and engage the periphery of the material. The sweep buckets, which are open on the front, inside and bottom, fill with material and sweep it to openings in the floor. The material falls through the floor openings into a recessed drag chain conveyor, which delivers it to a location outside of the storage area.

The Atlas System is a proven performer with the advantages of positive feeding, variable feed control, easy maintenance, and low energy consumption. Consider an Atlas System as the solution to your needs for storage and feeding of bulk materials. Please contact us for additional information.

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